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Live management of your crash reports for Mac OS X and iOS.

Collect Crash Reports

Collect crash reports send from your apps to easily manage and work with them.

Automatic Grouping

Crash reports are automatically grouped by similarities for easier overview and management.

Easy Web UI

Navigate the admin front end to browse through your apps, each version and all crash groups.
Add comments to each crash group and assign fix versions and more...


Graphical visualization of affected OS versions and platforms (device types), including the amount of crashes over time.
All these are presented for all your apps, a specific app, version or crash group.

Remote symbolication

Setup a local Launch Agent to symbolicate your crash reports automatically on your development or build machine.
Simply archive all your .app and .dSYM bundles and follow the setup instructcions.

Easy Hosting

You will need a webserver with PHP 5 and MySQL to run the QuincyKit server component.